Contact the Fairy Queen 0430 440 244

We are so Fairy excited to hear from you so that we can start planning our next visit to Human Land! 

Please contact our Fairy Queen:

Phone 0430 440 244

Or, simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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Message Sent to the Fairy Queen.

A note on Fairyland’s current contact hours.

As the fairies spend so much time creating magic for all of their human friends it is fairy important for them to have some nap time. 

The Freedom Fairies are available to assist in the creation of event and party planning magic from monday-friday 9-5pm Human time. If you wish to contact us outside these times please send a message via text, voicemail or email and we will return your message on our next wing working day.

If the enquiry is of an urgent or last minute nature please leave us as many details as possible in your message and we will do our fairy best to be in touch with you as fast as our fairy wings can flap.

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